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30/03/2017 07:00:00
With nearly 150 people dead or missing in another shipwreck off the Mediterranean coast, the United Nations refugee agency today stressed the importance of saving lives at sea.
29/03/2017 07:00:00
Hundreds of measles cases have been reported in Europe – where the disease was believed to be nearing elimination – leading the United Nations health agency to urge families to vaccinate their children and for national authorities to take urgent measures to stop transmission at the borders.
14/03/2017 07:00:00
Warning that new consumption patterns in Europe and Central Asian countries are leading to complex health challenges, the United Nations food security agency today called for policies tailored to the income and nutrition profile of these developed countries to prevent them from “transitioning” to new forms of food and nutrition insecurity.

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02/04/2017 06:40:08
Le premier ministre de centre-droit, favori de la présidentielle, joue à la fois de la corde européenne et de la fibre nationaliste.
01/04/2017 16:48:56
La dernière des douze personnes arrêtées dans le cadre de l’enquête a été remise en liberté par la police, samedi 1er mars. Aucune charge n’a été retenue contre aucune d’elles.
01/04/2017 14:33:56
Un questionnaire intitulé « Stoppons Bruxelles ! » a été envoyé à chaque foyer pour demander aux Hongrois leur avis sur comment faire face aux politiques de Bruxelles.

SPIEGEL ONLINE - International

31/03/2017 18:00:27
The Turkish government is spying on its own citizens around the world on a previously unreported scale, even in such far-flung corners as Ulaanbaatar and Dar Es Salaam. The espionage is detailed in newly obtained documents from Turkey's embassies.
30/03/2017 17:30:00
The EU isn't setting out to punish Britain for leaving the bloc. But it is almost certain that the ultimate deal will be portrayed as such by Brexiteers. The reason is the completely unrealistic expectations harbored by the British.
29/03/2017 17:47:00
The clock is now ticking. In two years, Britain will no longer be part of the European Union. Here are eight privileges that will be lost.
28/03/2017 10:58:55
Poland's foreign minister complains that his country has been mistreated by the European Union. SPIEGEL spoke with Witold Waszczykowski about what Warsaw wants, what Warsaw gets and his country's troubled relationship with Germany.
24/03/2017 20:17:11
London is the epicenter of globalization, a glut of money and creativity -- and the antithesis of Brexit parochialism. It is also the best city in the world.
24/03/2017 19:42:00
The official divorce proceedings between Britain and the European Union are expected to begin on Wednesday, when Prime Minister Theresa May triggers Article 50. So far, the UK and the EU haven't even agreed on the first issues they intend to negotiate. By SPIEGEL Staff
21/03/2017 11:02:07
The recent election in the Netherlands has sparked hope that the march of the right-wing populists has been halted. But it's important that populism be answered with democratic confidence rather than misguided imitation.
17/03/2017 19:29:00
In an interview, French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron discusses his surprise political ascent, the desire of many for a new kind of politics and the necessity of widespread reforms in his country.

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